Claudia Talaz is an artist who lives and works in Berlin.

She studied Fine Arts with a focus on painting with Werner Büttner,

Markus Selg and Peter Wächtler at HFBK, Hamburg.

In her artistic practice she interpellates her inner visual universe and

the outer reality into metaphysical maps with an orphic impression.
The atmosphere that Claudia Talaz evokes arises from affect:

meandering between introspective ruins and delirium,

bruises and blind spots, noise and deathly hush, somewhere and nowhere.


Traces of time found on the wooden surfaces of her paintings

merge with thin layers of laminar applied paint, outlines blur,

symbolising moments of emptiness, transformation and dissolution.





Kunsthalle Niendorf – Everyone but Caspar (G)  Hamburg


No one created nowhere (S) | Kunst im Quartier, Hamburg

Confused debris from slow dreams (S) | Galerie21 im Vorwerkstift, Hamburg


Sugar sediment (Duo with Emila Kubacki) | Vierter Stock, Berlin

Koller (G) | R52L, Berlin

North Oversee (G) | Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, Wilhelmshaven


New order (G) | PR17, Berlin

Nervous system symphony (G) | Vierter Stock, Berlin

Blue on blue (S) | [ in the box ] Künstlerhaus Sootbörn, Hamburg


Dill with it IV - tied & pickled (G) | Nachladen, Hamburg

2 Augen sehen mehr als 4 (G) | Vierter Stock, Berlin

Dill with it III - overdill (G) | Nachladen, Hamburg


Black box (with Elena Greta Falcini + Kerstin Podbiel) | Frappant Galerie, Hamburg

Graduate show (Duo with Sven Scharfenberg) | HfBK, Hamburg

11Jahre Pareidolia Magazin (G) | Nachladen, Hamburg


Bilder von Dreien Vol. II (with F. Cornehl + Tim Reuscher) | Salon Stoer, Hamburg

Topographie (with Tim Reuscher) | Nachladen, Hamburg


Bilder von Dreien Vol. I (with F. Cornehl + Dada Reinhardt) | Salon Stoer, Hamburg